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Welcome to the future of business and interaction - Meta Launcher, the one-stop-shop for all your metaverse needs. Our team of blockchain, VR, and software developers are dedicated to breaking down the barriers to entry for firms and projects and making the metaverse accessible to everyone.

With Meta Launcher, your company or personal brand can step into the alternate reality of the metaverse and experience it's full potential. Our flagship products, MetaMall & MetaStores provide a wide range of possibilities for all your desires.

Don't wait any longer to take your business to the next level.

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Unlock the potential of virtual retail with MetaMall - the ultimate destination for companies looking to expand their online presence. MetaMall offers a fully customizable 3D environment, where businesses can showcase their products and services to a global audience. With MetaMall, companies can create an immersive and interactive shopping experience for their customers, without the limitations of physical storefronts. More info coming out in Q2 2023. Join the Metaverse revolution!

+ Super realistic futuristic environment
+ Compatible with other metaverses
+ Plug & Play solution
+ Immersive way of shopping
+ Full VR experience

Discover AI powered


Stand out in the metaverse with MetaStore - the ultimate virtual presentation solution powered by artificial intelligence. Showcase your products and services to a global audience in a fully customizable 3D environment. From virtual stores and offices to showrooms and events, MetaStore allows you to create a truly unique and immersive experience for your customers. Elevate your brand and boost your online presence!

Stake, loot & sell


Discover endless possibilities with MetaChest - the ultimate mini game on MetaLauncher. Stake your MTLA token to earn Loot Tickets and get a chance to win amazing rewards such as project tokens, NFTs, and access to exclusive events. The more MTLA you stake, the better your chances of winning. Join the MetaChest and start earning rewards!

Unique rewards
Snapshot period
14 days


Join forces with the leading metaverse and blockchain platforms. Our extensive network of partners and experts will help you succeed in the web3 world.

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Our robust technology stack ensures seamless performance, immersive experiences, and enhanced security, elevating our and your project to new heights.

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Trade untradable with


An open-natured service, MetaLauncher Marketplace is an innovative feature of the platform that does not restrict the type of assets that can be traded. Projects launched on MetaLauncher have access to the Marketplace, allowing users to trade any and all kinds of digital assets offered by the businesses. NFTs, tokens, private access to IDOs, anything dropped from MetaChest, in-game items, virtual estate, and more.


- Ticker: MTLA
- Total Supply: 500 000 000 MTLA
- All tokens are fully vested and locked.
- DEX liquidity is locked for a minimum of 100 years.

Listed & Verified at


Join us on a journey to shape the future of metaverse & blockchain. Have a suggestion? Let us know!



- Project idea development ✓
- Core team formation ✓
- Creating UX/UI ✓
- Whitepaper ✓
- Airdrop campaign ✓
- Social media launch ✓
- Partnerships ✓
- CMC, CoinGecko pre-listings ✓



- Token contract audit ✓
- Token deployment ✓
- Airdrop 1 distribution ✓
- Dashboard launch ✓

- Aidrop campaign 2
- MTLA staking pool



- Seed funding
- Community engagement activities
- Partners for MetaChest onboarding
- MetaMarket launch



- Marketing phase 1
- Community engagement activities
- Roadmap for 2024 reveal


- Public sale
- MetaChest launch
- MetaPad launch
- First MetaStore reveal
- Continuous app upgrades
- MetaMall 1st floor opening


At Metalauncher, we believe that having advisors is crucial for gaining valuable insights and perspectives from experienced industry leaders. They provide guidance and expertise that can help us navigate challenges, make better decisions, and ultimately drive our success.

  • Shoaib Ansar

    Meet Shoaib Ansar, the Director of Bitsource Technologies. With over 12 years of experience in traditional IT services, including web development, software development, ERP solutions, and digital marketing, Shoaib has consistently aligned the companys goals with new technological advancements. But that is not all. Shoaib has a grand vision for the future. He wants to create an ecosystem that allows new entrants to the metaverse and blockchain development to make no or fewer mistakes. With a keen eye for detail, he has always strived to provide equal opportunities in the Web 3.0 ecosystem.

  • Adnan Azam

    Meet Adnan, the Director of Bitsource Technologies, who has over 15 years of experience in traditional IT services. With a strong instinct for how to leverage technological changes for the benefit of the company, Adnan has an intriguing observation and a vision that can help create a strong blockchain-based metaverse. Adnan is a natural-born innovator and is always full of ideas. He knows all the ins and outs of turning a concept into a brand, from conceiving a product to selling it. With his vast knowledge and expertise, he is passionate about helping people and creating a sustainable ecosystem for all old and new entrants of the metaverse and blockchain development.

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